Hospitality management: all you need to know

Hospitality Management Degree

Hospitality Management Degree

What is hospitality management?

Hospitality is a field of work or study that deals with managing hotels, restaurants, cinemas, travel agencies, theaters, private clubs, managed food service, event planning and organizations of a similar nature. In the sense of study, made by, it referred to the study of the hospitality industry and its needs in relation to management. The field of study gives those who are interested in the field a solid footing in their careers in the hospitality industry.

The hospitality industry is a greatly diverse industry. Every time people visit hotels and stay there, eat out, travel, go to movies or engage in activities of a similar nature, they are essentially making use of departments of establishments in the hospitality industry. Managing such establishments is very stressful and challenging. Managers need to be flexible enough to meet the various varying needs of clients and workers. They must also be tough as they handle tasks such as training employees and setting standards in the work place.

Developing a career in hospitality management mostly involve working from the ground up. They get experience from lower level positions before they are gradually promoted to higher supervisory positions and then get to managerial positions. This gradual growth gives them an idea of the various tasks and responsibility of lower levels in the working hierarchy.

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People who go to study can opt for associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees or certificate programs. The hospitality management studies train students to take up managerial positions immediately. It familiarizes the student with everything involved from payment systems to what should be done when a natural or any kind of disaster hits the hotel. People who get the training often get out of school and get highly paying jobs especially if they are from well known  colleges and universities.

Hospitality managers need a great deal of good communication skills to deal with customers. They also need to be hard because they need to be tough yet fair to employees. They are require to know the ranging needs in the hotels or the places where the work.

A person with an outgoing personality, who love working with the public, loves solving puzzles and who is great on their feet are the best people to work in the hospitality department.

How to get a degree in hospitality management

A degree in hospitality management will help a student develop their skills in marketing, management and many other position in the hospitality industry. Getting a degree is an interdisciplinary program involving many departments such as business, psychology and the sciences which all offer a well rounded curriculum. To get a degree the following is required:

  1. An undergraduate admission

Students must have a high school diploma or GED, this is proof that you have been a good student somewhere before, and apply to a college that offers a degree in hospitality as one of its majors. Many colleges offer both campus- based and online studies for both in school and off school students. Logistically one cannot get a college or university degree without being admitted and registered into one so this is, naturally the first step to getting a degree in any course.

  1. Courses

In every major in hospitality, there are a certain number of required courses to be completed including math, marketing and accounting. All the courses and units stipulated by the university, college or examination body must be completed for one to get the degree. All the courses offers include core courses, upper- level courses and minor courses. The courses are all levels of education that help a student get the required knowledge and skills for the implementation in their future careers.

The institution of education sets a certain number of units that must be completed and passed before the graduate can have their degree certificate handed to the failure to which they may not get the certificate. Failing of units given may also lead to one having to repeat the whole unit again or them having to redo an exam called a supplementary.

  1. Internship

Internships are a mandatory requirement in the process. A student is required to complete up to 400 hours of volunteer experience in a fueled related to hospitality. In many cases, the student is required to find a place to work on voluntarily sometimes the university looks for internship organization or offers internships for the students. The internship is perhaps the most important part of the learning course.

During this internship session, the graduate is required to implement all the things the studied in class plus learn something they did not learn in school. A supervisor may be sent to the internship location to asses the progress of the student and ask about how they are performing tasks in relation to the studies and professionalism needed.

Top hospitality managements schools

In the hospitality industry, it not only helps, It saves to have a degree or masters from a will recognized school. It is believed that a good school gives you the edge in the divers world of hospitality, in also increases your competitiveness. There are many great hospitality schools however, we will name just a few for you:

  1. California state polytechnic university, Pomona Collins college of hospitality management

It is not only the oldest, it is also the largest hospitality management school in the state of California. It offers a bachelor degree of hospitality management and a master of hospitality management degree.

  1. Cornell university school of hotel administration

It is a business school specializing in hotel management. It includes a center for hospitality research and an institute for hospitality entrepreneurship.

  1. Florida state university Dedman school of hospitality

This highly ranked hospitality school in Florida boasts of having nearly 100% of placements from its graduates and receives a scholarly recognition for productivity. It has linked with major organizations in the world to provide internships for its students.

  1. Michigan state university broad college of business, the school of hospitality business

Ranked among the best hospitality schools in the United States, it has a nationally recognized faculty. In order to get the degree, students are required to complete two paid internships. Students can study abroad at any time and its takes from a few weeks to an academic year to complete the abroad programs.

  1. Oklahoma state university of school of hotels and restaurant administration

It is highly ranked in the state of Oklahoma and hosts an annual hospitality event that attracts more than 35 hospitality companies. It provides students in Switzerland an international learning experience including 800 hours hands on work experience in both domestic and international internships. The dual undergraduate degree in hospitality management program students can get an undergraduate degree from Oklahoma and a degree from a European partner.

  1. Penn state school of hospitality management

In is one of the oldest and most reputable hospitality schools in the country providing both graduate and undergraduate degrees. In an year, more than 100 companies visit Penn state school to recruit students for internships and jobs. Students taking bachelor degrees in hotel restaurant and institutional management are required to obtain a work experience of 1000 hours.

  1. University of Massachusetts at Amherst Isenberg school of management department of hospitality and tourism management

It is ranked #51 in the world’s best business schools. It provides a degree inhospitality and tourism management and allows students to study at partner schools in the United States, England, Switzerland and Australia. Programs in the undergraduate degree include casino, club, food and beverages, event management, lodging and tourism. It also provides internships and road trips


As mentioned, it is crucial that all students, who want to go into the hospitality industry and get jobs fast, join great and well recognized schools. That together with hard word and determination will ensure that they are among the few chosen to work in the major companies. In hospitality education, it matters where you got your degree from. The place, more that your certificate credentials, most times, will get you a better chance to have employment, a better salary and therefore a great career future.

How to become a hospitality manager

Like all other careers people want to follow, there are requirements an individual must meet before they get into the career seriously. Some of the requirements or this course and perhaps the most important, are the traits and skills one teaches themselves outside school in preparation for the career and jobs ahead.

  1. Have great communication skills

As a hospitality manager, it is mandatory that one possesses excellent communication skills because managers in the hospitality departments are always greeting and speaking to guests, making calls, managing staff members and addressing complaints. Therefore, they need to have great communication skills so that they can handle these issues professionally and properly.

  1. Be organized

Because they are responsible for all operations in the organization, hospitality managers need to have impeccable organization skills. They are in charge of many staff and need to ensure that all the tasks that need to be done are done excellently and on time. They also need to organize the staff in teams during the shift changes and other activities. Therefore a hospitality manage need to be very organized and must know how to organize others and delegate duties.

  1. Must be well educated

To be a hospitality manager, excellent grades are a must. This is why there are so many options such as certificates, degrees, and training programs to ensure that the hospitality manager knows what to do during certain times. The education informs the manager to be how to react in certain situations and how not to react during certain situations. Therefore the studies undertaken must be approved by an authorized body.

  1. Learn to budget

Hospitality managers are in charge of setting the rates or rooms, allocating money to the various departments, approving expenditure, setting prices in the restaurant, estimating the costs of food and a lot more money related issues. For this reason, hospitality managers should know how to work on a budget so that they o not over spend or underspend in some crucial things. In the end, they should remember that by providing the best service to the customer, they will increase the profit margins and get bonuses from the employers, loses are bound to be fined in one way or another.

  1. Be humble

Hospitality managers need not be proud and egocentric. The best, high ranking and well- paid hospitality managers are the ones that agreed to start from the bottom. They are those who agreed to start with the lesser jobs such as receptionist, busy boy, cooks, or guest service representatives. The patience and humbleness they showed together with the resilience and hardworking spirit made them more successful.

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