Hospitality Management Salary

The salary of a hospitality manage is greatly dependent on the employer, the gender roles, the size and location of the industry, the level of education the amount of experience and the type of work done. Hospitality management in terms of running a venue is very different from working in the hospitality industry under a function such as human resource or the financial department. Therefore, the graduate salary varies greatly across the industry.

Experience and education

In most cases, the more education level and the experience an individual has in the hospitality industry and in a particular field within the industry, the more the salary they will get from being employed as a hospitality manager. Those with one year experience or less getting a median salary of $37, 668, those with 1- 4 years if experience get a median of #39, 752, 5- 9 year experience get $ 48, 280, 10- 19 years’ experience get $57, 995, 20 years and above get $75, 778. While a good college degree will get you into the game with employment, a higher experience and good work reputation will get you the higher managerial positions and a higher salary.

Location and size

The location and the size of the industry will influence. Naturally people who work in bigger hotels, even with the same experience and educational backgrounds will be paid more than those in smaller hotels. It also depends on how big the hospitality industry is in the location that a person chooses to work in. if the industry is bigger workers will get a higher salary. For instance people with a hotel manage meant degree in Houston Texas get a median of almost $58, 000 while those with the same degree in Denver, Colorado get a median of $ 45, 000.

Gender roles

Like all professions, the gender of a worker determines to a very high extent the amount of money is salary a person gets. It is not very different in the hospitality departments that sees most men in the industry take home a higher salary than women. This is not very understandable since hospitality is a women’s job, they are the nurturers. Men get to take home a median of $59, 162 and the females take a median of $56, 902.

Job title

There are many careers in the hospitality industry and though the education may be almost the same, there are different managerial posts within the industry all paying totally different salaries. Hotel manager and a chef for example earn the same salary of 32000 while a sales executive and sales trainers get a median range of between $137, 000 and $189, 000.  The highest paid being sales leaders and executives and the casino managers perhaps because they earn the industry the highest sum in profit. Sales leaders and executives earn $211, 000 individuals working in the casino earn between $ 80, 000 and $250, 000 each year while casino managers earn between $41, 000 and $115, 000.


The hospitality industry is for those who are humble and patient enough to wait to climb high in the social ladder, those who are in no hurry to get rich. This patience works well for those who work hard and are willing to slowly wok their way to the higher social ladder. For those who wait, the industry has great rewards for them because the jobs are there in plenty and the salary will be sure to increase beyond the imagination of an individual sometime during their career. Besides, for a job where you get tips every so often, and have fun on the way, it is worth it.

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