Top 10 Hospitality Management Schools and Courses

The required courses for hospitality management depend on the school attended and the kind of program chosen. Some programs offered may tend to force more on management techniques while others may opt to concentrate more on management techniques. However, there are those courses that are generally taken in common by all students in the hospitality department regardless of their specialization.

  1. Introduction to hospitality

These courses are supposed to provide an overview of different aspects of the hospitality industry. This is the basic course often taught during the first semester. It may provide the student with an overview of the career opportunities offered by the hospitality industry. It may include an introduction to the basics including food service, lodging and tourism.

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  1. Travel tourism

This is an important course, as many managers need to know great destinations and advice for travelers. Even lodgings managers who are not so much in the field as tourism managers still need to know.

  1. Financial accounting

This course helps students calculate important accounting figures such as payables and receiverable. It also allows students to learn how to draft and analyze important financial statements and terms like income statements and balance sheets.

  1. Hotel management

The student learns the responsibilities that come with being a hotel manager including staffing, managing the staff, providing guests with a positive experience and overseeing front office operations.

  1. Food and beverage management

Allow students to explore many aspecs of a career in managing restaurants and food service establishments., here a student learns operations, customer service and purchasing.

General education

These are course that are not directly relate to hospitality management but that will be useful to the student in their management career in the hospitality industry.

  1. Public speaking

Strong public speaking skills are an asset to a hospitality manager because they spend most of their time speaking  to guest, client and staff. Students learn effective techniques when speaking, preparation of speeches and delivery of speeches.

  1. Business communication

Here students learn to develop and improve their oral communication skills through presentation and their written communication skills through draft of business documents like cover letters and memos. Students also gain experience in working as teams and learn about business etiquette.

  1. Organization behavior

In organization behavior courses student learn to be effective managers and how to apply concepts learnt in class when creating solutions to common organizational issues.

Hospitality management schools

  1. The Emirates Academy of hospitality management (EAHM)

It is located at the heart  of  Dubai which is a city known for its hospitality and tourism industry. EAHM is situated right opposite large hospitality industry firms such as Burj al Arab one of the worlds most luxurious hotels. This academy specializes in providing management degree with a hospitality focus and aims to become a world leading hospitality management schools.

  1. Penn state school hospitality management, USA

Penn has one of the most respected and prestigious programs of its kind in the whole country. It combines real- world experiences and other opportunities for its students to increase their leadership and communication skills. It is equipped to become leaders in the industry for the past 75 years.

  1. Cornel university school of hotel administration

Founded in 1922, it was the first collegiate program in hospitality industry.  Its curriculum impact the knowledge that is required in all aspects of running a business including strategizing, planning, designing, constructing, financing and marketing

  1. Swiss school of tourism and hospitality

This school guarantees excellent education with experience of great graduates for over forty years. To ensure that learning remains student focused and challenging, they only admit a limited number of students each year.


These are just a few of the most recognized schools in the world. We recommend that employers do their own research when employing.

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